August 27,2019

Advantages to Chartering a Jet

Want to avoid long lines at the security gates, or even taking off your excess clothes and belongings? Wouldn't it be nice to walk onto your own flight, without any other distruptive passengers? How ab

August 26,2019

Flying Private is More Affordable Than You Realize

You have always dreamed of being able to fly in a lavish, private jet. The idea of having food catered specifically to you, endless entertainment, and comfort seems too good to be true.  But what

August 23,2019

5 Myths about Private Jet Charter

Private jet charter might be that distant dream that most people have, but the reality is that it is a luxury service that also caters to many people who aren’t billionaires.  In addition to

August 23,2019

Commercial Flying Challenges

Today, more than ever, flying commercial is a big challenge.  The reality is, that when flying via a commercial airline you might not get to your destination.  You might be delayed due to wea

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