5 Myths about Private Jet Charter

August 23,2019

Private jet charter might be that distant dream that most people have, but the reality is that it is a luxury service that also caters to many people who aren’t billionaires.  In addition to being the transportation of choice for high worth individuals, celebrities and government officials, private jet charter flights are used by many businesses to transport employees needing to bypass commercial airport delays and other inconveniences of commercial travel.  In addition to this fun fact, there are a few more misconceptions of private jet travel that we will dispel.

1. Private jet charter is ALWAYS more expensive than commercial travel: FALSE
What if we told you that private jets can actually sometimes be less expensive than commercial flights.  Well, for one thing, if a business is going to be able to do twice or even three times as much business by flying to more cities in a single day, then the potential to earn more money, or not lose more is one great benefit.  However, that’s not all, putting 8 or more people on a private jet can actually be less expensive than first class seating for that group.  That’s right not only will it be more convenient, but the chartered flight may even cost less.  This is why many business charter private rather than spending the same amount for first class commercial flights.

2. Private jets are not as safe as larger commercial aircraft: FALSE
In reality, if you dig into the statistics, you will probably find that more passenger fatalities occurred on commercial aircraft, than private jets.  In fact many private jets and private jet charter companies are required to go through rigorous safety inspections, crew training and tough safety policies just to be able to fly charter passengers, which often exceed the requirements set our by the FAA.

3. Private jets get grounded with bad weather, just like commercial jets: FALSE
One of the most annoying parts of travel, is weather delays and flight cancellations.  Not only can they ruin your plans, but they cost business millions of dollars in lost revenue, cause families to miss holidays together and other horrible inconveniences.  When bad weather rolls in, often times, the busiest airports get shut down to allow planes to circle the airports and safely arrive, one at a time.  So, while this scenario can affect all incoming air traffic, private jets can actually divert to a smaller nearby airport without missing a beat.  While this isn’t always the case during extreme storms, and private jets can still get grounded, it certainly gives private charter passengers a better chance of avoiding travel delays and getting them where they need to be faster than commercial air travel.

4. Small private jets are slower than larger commercial jets: FALSE
Wow, this statement couldn’t be further from the truth.  As a matter of fact, as of the time this article was written, there are two private jets that rank as the fastest civil aircraft available.   The Cessna Citation X and Gulfstream 650 both can fly just under the speed of sound, capable of arriving at it’s final destination 30 minutes to hours sooner than a commercial aircraft (depending on the city pairs).  For certain flights, minutes matter and chartering the right plane can be the difference of making that meeting or special event, while everyone else is still sitting on their commercial airliner, waiting to pull into an empty gate.

5. Why fly private, when I still have to arrive 2 hours before my private flight: FALSE
Where did you hear this one?  You can actually arrive late for your private chartered flight….Wait, What?  Yes, that’s correct, one of the amazing perks of flying private is the ability to schedule the flight when you want it…and, running a little late, no problem, that’s what your paying for, the convenience of chartering a plane just for you and your custom schedule.  Ready to go a few minutes earlier than planned?  Also, not typically a problem, just let your pilots know you are ready to go and it’s time to fly.

So, while there are a lot of restrictions in the air travel industry, there are many advantages to flying private charter flights. So don't just fly...find your next flight on

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