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Sky500 FAQ

In extreme cold temperatures, with or without snow, there are times when your aircraft will need to be deiced.  Deicing, is the process of spraying the aircraft with a deicing fluid that melts the snow or ice and prevents the aircraft from getting iced over during take-off and acent.  Deicing requirements are assessed at the time of departure and will typically cause departure delays, not only for the time it takes to deice your aircraft, but if aircraft are being deiced, there is a good chance, there is a line of aircraft before yours that will require it as well.  So, while the airports do their best to get every aircraft deiced and departed, you should expect delays if deicing is required.

If needed, deicing is an absolute requirement for the safe departure of an aircraft, and the cost is NOT included in your charter pricing.  Deicing can cost anywhere from $500 to $10,000 or more, depending on how much deicing fluid is used.  You will be invoiced for deicing charges, following your flight.

Weather is something beyond anyone's control, and is the leading cause of cancellations for commercial and private aircraft travel.  Weather issues can cause your aircraft to be unable to land at your departure airport for your flight, or it can prevent your flight from being able to safely depart.  Please be aware that any decisions related to your flight cancellation in adverse weather, if for you absolute safety and is at the full discretion of your pilots.

In the event that your flight is not able to depart within 4 hours of your requested departure time, due to weather, you will have the option of cancelling the flight or waiting for the weather issue to be resolved, so long as there are no conflicting schedulding issues with your particular aircraft or duty issues with your crew.  In the event of a weather related delay or cancellation, a Sky500 representative will be in touch with you as soon as practical to advise you of your options.

Many of the private jets available on are pet friendly.  Please be sure to check the specifics of the plane you are interested in, prior to booking, as some aircraft do not allow pets.  In the event that you do bring your pet, you will be responsible for any damage caused to the aircraft, and will be charged any required cleaning or repair fees due to damage by your pet.  If you have a specific request regarding your pet, please contact a representative.

Yes.  Standard soft drinks and snacks are provided complimentary.  If you would like something special, like Champagne, Caviar or a full meal, you can place a custom catering order for an additional fee.  You will be asked, upon booking if you would like to order any catering and will be charged on your final bill.

No.  At most airports, you will be using the private jet terminal, known as an FBO.  This stands for Fixed Base Operator and is usually a small building that has a private entrance for private jet travelers.  Some airports will even allow your driver to bring you right up to the aircraft's door.  You will be provided with details of your trip once your aircraft has been confirmed.

This is a very important question.  Mechanical and weather related issues are the two biggest challenger of private jet travel.  As with any sophisticated piece of equipment, aircraft can and do have mechanical issues on occasion, which can arise last minute when the aircraft is being prepared for your flight, in flight or event while taxing to the runway.  Safety is always our first priority.  If the aircraft has a mechanical issue, the crew will do their best to get the plane's issue resolved as quickly as possible, however, if the plane is unable to be fixed within 4 hours, your flight may have to be cancelled.

Cancellations often mean that you will loose the specific jet and special pricing that you reserved and will be subject to a full refund.  In the event of a cancellation, for any reason, personnel will assist you in reserving a replacement aircraft or commercial flight, if required.  Be aware, however, that because pricing on any reserved flight is specific to the aircraft and schedule that you booked, any replacement flight option that you accept, if the cost is higher, will be your responsibility.

Yes.  Standard soft drinks and snacks are provided complimentary and for an additional fee, you can order custom catering.  However, you are welcome to bring any type of food or drink aboard the aircraft with the exception of certain alchoholic beverages.  If there is something that you would like to bring on board, please ask prior to boarding.

Standard Sky500 flights are not shared flights (unless you specifically selected the "Share this Trip" option).  Unless specified otherwise, you will be booking the entire aircraft.  This means you are welcome to fill the plane with as many people as there are seats for the same basic cost.  The only additional cost for adding more passengers, is the segment fee tax.  When booking, just be sure to specify the number of passengers you would like to bring along.

Because the discounted flights on are part of an existing schedule and on a specific aircraft, once you book an empty leg (one-way) charter flight, a non-refundable 100% cancellation fee will be applicable.  Therefore, please make sure you will definitely be going on the trip, prior to booking or purchase a 3rd party travel insurance policy.  If you need a cancelable private jet charter, you can book a retail round trip flight.  Round trip flight itineraries that return to the same departure airport are typically cancellable (unless specified otherwise), with a full refund, as long as Sky500 receives advanced written notice at least 72 hours prior to the scheduled departure time and date.  Cancellation time frames may range from aircraft to aircraft, please check your reservation agreement for the specific cancellation terms. For more information, please see the full terms of use.