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Sky500 Safety

With the large variety of aircraft types and amount of aircraft operators, Sky500 takes safety very seriously.  All of the aircraft operators in the Sky500 network are carefully reviewed, and only approved if they meet the highest standards set by our aviation safety experts.  Aside from being licensed by the FAA for Part 135 charter operations or a part of EASA, all approved charter aircraft in the Sky500 network require mandatory rigorous safety inspections and regularly scheduled high-quality maintenance schedules.  In addition, pilots and crew members are required to go through several re-training sessions each year, to ensure that they are completely up-to-date in the specific aircraft they fly, as well as meeting the latest FAA regulations. From required annual or bi-annual simulator training sessions to the extensive number of hours of flight experience each flight crew member must have, the flight flight crews you will meet on your flight will make you feel at home and safe.

Don't take our word for it, fly with Sky500 and experience private jet charter with the safest executive aircraft and most experienced flight crews available.

We encourage you to ask us more about safety when booking your charter.

Safety Comes First, Second AND Third

Safety is the most important priority for Several independent companies, including ARGUS, Wyvern certify/approve charter aircraft that meet their specific strict aircraft charter safety standards. These standards not only meet, but exceed the FAA’s basic requirements for charter aircraft operations, maintenance, and crew training.  Aircraft in the network have these "certifications," in addition to having an excellent safety record.  When booking your aircraft, you will be able to see the safety rating(s) for each aircraft.