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Private jet charter is an elite service that has typically catered to the top wealthiest individuals and businesses in the world.  With, however, it doesn't have to be limited to just that market. Many times, an aircraft will fly empty from one city to another in order to pick up a passenger, cargo or even reposition to it's home base airport after completing a trip. These flights are known as empty leg jet charter flights, or "empty legs."

Since aircraft operators and owners would love to make money on the empty legs, instead of flying the aircraft at their expense, they often offer these flights at highly discounted pricing. This is where comes in. We match the aircraft operators with customers looking for discounted charter with similar itineraries, so both parties win. The operators are able to sell their "empty legs" and the passengers are able to get discounted private jet service.

In addition, with the transparent search tools, you can now search for custom itineraries and have jet charter providers and licensed Part 135 aircraft opertors bid directly for your business, allowing them to sell more flights and passengers to get a list of the most competative prices.  With the power of selling goes back to providers and the power of booking is in the passenger's hands.  It's a win-win for everyone.

So, give a try today and see why booking has never been easier or more efficient than ever before.

OUR MISSION simplifies private jet charter by making the entire process transparent and giving you tools to acquire the safest aircraft for the most competative prices.

OUR VISION aims to provide a single destination for passengers and professionals to make booking Private Jet Charter aircraft easier and more efficient than ever before.


With over 20 years experience in private travel,'s team of aviation professionals, constantly monitor the private aviation industry's safety regulations, aircraft quality and operational performance, to deliver passengers and professionals with the comfort and trust, knowing that every flight is managed to a high level of expectations.

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