August 30,2019

Flying Private is Better for Your Health

Flying commercial is neither “glamorous” or practical. It adds a weight of additional stress that you cannot control when your travels are in the hands of commercial airlines. Have you eve

August 29,2019

The Frightening Amount of Hidden Bacteria in a Commercial Airport

Has it ever crossed your mind how many germs you are exposed to when flying commercial? New studies have results that may surprise you. Last October, the Today show did a segment based on the truth of

August 28,2019

What is an Empty Leg? The Secret Flight Deal You Can Use

Here at Sky500, we offer a variety of private charter flight deals, including empty leg flights.But you may be thinking, what exactly is an empty leg?An empty leg is a flight that is either returning t

August 28,2019

Book a Private Jet is Easier than Ever Before!

Booking a private jet has always been reserved for the top 1%, and even for those who do charter, finding the best price and aircraft have always been a challenge.  Well, Sky500 has finally remove

August 27,2019

Advantages to Chartering a Jet

Want to avoid long lines at the security gates, or even taking off your excess clothes and belongings? Wouldn't it be nice to walk onto your own flight, without any other distruptive passengers? How ab

August 26,2019

Flying Private is More Affordable Than You Realize

You have always dreamed of being able to fly in a lavish, private jet. The idea of having food catered specifically to you, endless entertainment, and comfort seems too good to be true.  But what

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