Flying Private is Better for Your Health

August 30,2019

Flying commercial is neither “glamorous” or practical. It adds a weight of additional stress that you cannot control when your travels are in the hands of commercial airlines.

Have you ever been that person running through the airport during your layover because your connecting gate was moved or your previous flight was delayed?

We have all experienced the increased heart-rate while waiting in line to go through airport security. You are trying to take off your jacket, belt, shoes, etc. while emptying your pockets as quickly as possible. You empty your bags of all electronics all while trying to keep ahold of your passport, license, and boarding pass. Just when you make it through the line and step through the machine, you are stopped for that bracelet or ring you forgot to take off.

Stress is an emotional and physical disruption we all experience when facing challenges.

When we are stressed for long periods of time, or too often, your fight or flight mode can have adverse effects on your body and well-being.

Flying private eliminates all of these stressors. We are focused on one thing: you. Your comfort is our priority when you travel private with us. We take care of all of the hassles to ensure your peace of mind. With our array of high-end aircrafts and staff, we guarantee you will fly at ease when flying with Sky500. Charter your next vacation or business travel. 

To learn more about our jets and chartering a flights, visit Sky500 and follow out social media for more.

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