Advantages to Chartering a Jet

August 27,2019

Want to avoid long lines at the security gates, or even taking off your excess clothes and belongings? Wouldn't it be nice to walk onto your own flight, without any other distruptive passengers? How about the ability to enjoy delious food, catered to your liking, rather than another bag of pretzels or peanuts?

All of this is possible when flying private. Commercial airlines always force you to go through the same stressful motions with little to no control over your travels. It is inevitable to face some type of issue along the way: your gate has changed, your flight has been delayed, you have multiple layover and connecting flights. Why not avoid the additional stress and enjoy luxury and comfort at an affordable price. 

Family vacation? Business trip? Bachelorette party? When flying in groups, chartering a jet is more affordable than ever. When booking one of our empty leg flghts, you have the ability to make us an offer. Not only do you already have a great deal, but traveling in groups decreases that cost even more when you are splitting the cost for just a fraction of what you started with.

Another luxury of flying private is the effeciency. You can avoid those long layovers and have better access to your requested destination. When flying commercial, commercial flights only have so much availabilty for runways to land on. With a chartered jet, we can get you to your location in record time without the hassle of another layover or extra transportation. 

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