Flying Private is More Affordable Than You Realize

August 26,2019

You have always dreamed of being able to fly in a lavish, private jet. The idea of having food catered specifically to you, endless entertainment, and comfort seems too good to be true. 

But what if it is not?

According to the Associated Press, the average American spends over $500 on a round trip flight. For this price, you are still faced with the hassle of running to and from gates, checking your bag or lugging it around the airport, being exposed to hidden germs, dealing with pestering passengers, uncontrollable gate changes, delayed flights...this list is endless. 

What if you could trade in your commercial flights for the luxury you have dreamed of? 

At Sky500, we have empty leg deals daily that would allow you to experience the magic of private chartering. Last minute deals can become an even better deal when traveling with multiple friends or family members who would be able to help split the initial price. 

How does this work?

For example, on a last minute one-way flight from Los Angeles to New York, it could cost $3,000 per seat. If you are traveling with 10 people, they could be able to get a private jet for the same cost (ie. $30K).

By visiting our website, we list the latest and greatest deals we have available. 

Empty legs are a great deal. We list our deals, and you have the ability to make us an offer. 

Why would you fly commercial on your next family vacation when you and your loved ones could fly comfortably in a private charter jet?

To discover our latest deals, and to make us an offer, visit to learn more. 

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