What is an Empty Leg? The Secret Flight Deal You Can Use

August 28,2019

Here at Sky500, we offer a variety of private charter flight deals, including empty leg flights.

But you may be thinking, what exactly is an empty leg?

An empty leg is a flight that is either returning to its home base, after delivering a private chartered flight, or relocating to its next destination for the next scheduled private charter.

Finding interested customers for an empty leg flight, that is already in route for a specific date, time, and location, can be challenging. Since flying back to the base is inevitable, many a time, the operator will offer these flights at a significantly reduced price to avoid flying back completely empty.

Depending on the factors of the flight and the operator, empty legs could potentially be between 25-75 percent less than a normal private jet chartered flight. If you are willing to be flexible with the arrangements, taking a private jet could be well within your physical and financial reach.

Empty legs create a great opportunity for flexible flyers including individuals, families, or even larger groups, who want to fly for a fraction of the cost.

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