Book a Private Jet is Easier than Ever Before!

August 28,2019

Booking a private jet has always been reserved for the top 1%, and even for those who do charter, finding the best price and aircraft have always been a challenge.  Well, Sky500 has finally removed the mystery behind the most coveted service available.  Flying private is now easier than ever before.  With all the magic happening on the back end of the website, you just have to search for your itinerary and let us do the rest.  You will receive several private jet quotes from top operators in the industry.  They safety ratings and aircraft amenities will be displayed for you to choose which private aircraft is best for you.  Once you select your jet, we will reconfirm your aircraft and confirm with you.  It's seemless, quick and easy.

Sky500 also offers empy legs.  These are private jets that need to reposition somewhere empty....this is your opportunity to fly private for a lot less than the retail pricing.  If an empty leg is available for your itinerary, you will see the offered price and you can even make a counter offer to get it even lower.

So, the next time you are fed up with commercial travel, or you are a seasoned private jetsetter, keep Sky500 on speed dial...this is the last private jet site you will ever need.

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