3 Best Ways to Get the Lowest Price on Private Jet Charter Flights

August 02,2022

Private air travel is typically reserved for the ultra wealthy...that is, until now.  Private aircraft charter flights have become more accessible than ever before by offering a wide range of private jets, propeler aircraft and helicopters for charter with a wide range of prices and availability.  With the multiple aircraft types available, individuals, groups, executives and even you can find an aircraft priced right, without having to pay more for an aircraft not properly suited for your travel mission.  Need a plane with 5 seats, perfect, the King Air might just be for you.  Need something larger that can go from New York to Europe non-stop?  Excellent, the Gulfstream jet with seating for 12 or more would be perfect.  Need something in the middle?  Great.  There are plenty of helicopters, small aircraft and many jet types that can meet exactly what you need.

Ok, so now that you understand that there are a lot of aircraft types, how do you get the best prices?  There are actually 3 ways to ensure you are getting a good price and not overpaying.


Choosing the Right Plane

When you call a jet charter company, often times, they only have access to their specific fleet of planes.  This means that if they only have large jets, and you need a small one, you will be overpaying for something bigger than you need?  Or, on the flip side, what if the company only has small planes and you need a larger one that can make it to your destination non stop?  There are many factors in choosing the right aircraft, and the decision can be complicated.  This is why hiring a charter broker like Studio Jet Aircraft Charter or using a website like can save you money.  With these services, you have access to hundreds of different aircraft, worldwide, so you know you will be placed in an aircraft that is optimally priced for your requirements.

Empty Leg Flights

You may have heard of empty legs.  These are flights in which a private jet aircraft is scheduled to be flown to pick someone up or back to its home base - empty.  Empty, means the company who operates that aircraft wants to sell it for the best price they can...which is great for you.  This means you can snag a jet all to yourself for less than retail pricing.  But how do you find these empty legs?  It's actually quite challenging with the last minute private jet schedules changing so often, however, with services like Studio Jet Aircraft Charter or using a website like empty legs are much easier to find...because they do all the work for you.


Date Selection

Choosing your departure dates aren't always something you can be flexible with, however, if you can leave a day early and come back a day later, sometimes there may be an empty leg that matches your exact itinerary, making your travel costs much lower than retail private jet pricing.

With just a few industry secrets, you can save a lot of money on private jet travel and get all the perks of paying full price.  To get started, contact Studio Jet Aircraft Charter  or visit


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