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Private jet charter is an elite service that has typically catered to the top wealthiest individuals and businesses in the world, however, it doesn't have to be limited to that market.  Many times, an aircraft will fly empty from one city to another in order to pick up a passenger, cargo or reposition to it's home base airport after dropping off passengers or cargo.  These flights are known as empty leg jet charter, or "empty legs."
Since aircraft operators and owners would love to make money on the empty legs, instead of flying the aircraft at cost, they often offer these flights at highly discounted pricing.  This is where Sky500.com comes in.  We match the aircraft operators with customers looking for discounted charter with similar itineraries, so both parties win.  The operators are able to sell their "empty legs" and the passengers are able to get discounted private jet service.
Sky500.com takes it a step further...we encourage our affiliate - aircraft operators to list their flights at the lowest price they are willing to accept for the flights.  This way, they have a better chance of selling and the passengers have a better chance of buying...a match made in heaven....well, in the sky, anyway.
Sky500.com isn't a new to aviation...Sky500.com is a Studio Jet, Inc. company which has over 10 years of aviation experience, to help make sure you are safe, happy and able to get the most out of your private jet experience.
To learn more, please feel free to contact us at: info@sky500.com or call Studio Jet Aircraft Charter at 818-769-3535. 
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