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Safety is the most important priority for Sky500.com.  Several independent companies, including ARG/US, and Q-Star, certify/approve charter aircraft that meet their specific strict aircraft charter safety standards.  These standards not only meet, but exceed the FAA’s basic requirements for charter aircraft operations, maintenance, and crew requirements.  The Sky500.com flight operations team carefully researches, selects and utilizes aircraft that have these such "certifications," and have an excellent safety record and top notch aircraft.
Aside from the rigorous safety inspections and regularly scheduled high quality of maintenance on all aircraft in the Sky500.com network, the crew members are required to go through several re-training sessions each year, to ensure that they are completely up-to-date in the specific aircraft they fly, as well as the latest FAA regulations.  From the required simulator training sessions every year to the thousands of hours of flight experience each flight crew member must have, the flight crews you will meet on your flight will make you feel at home and safe.

Don't take our word for it, call us today and experience flying with the safest executive aircraft and flight crews available.

We encourage you to ask us more about safety when booking your charter.

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